Our services: perfectly structured and extensive.

THE TOY COMPANY supports its customers along the entire value-added chain. From the choice of products to their final shipping, we assist our customers and give them the opportunity to enjoy a perfect purchasing experience.

We analyse markets and pick up on industry trends so that we can always present the latest products to our customers. Our designers create appealing packaging - including customer-specific versions - and make it reality. Our reliable network of suppliers also ensures that you receive your goods just in time and dependably at your preferred place of business.

Customer service is always our number one priority.

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We help you to develop products.

The aim of this section of our business is to help customers with the processes of planning and designing the products they want to develop or procure. We also advise our customers on the design of their entire range, if they wish us to.

Our merchandisers are specialists in our brands and act as key link between purchasing and sales. They constantly analyse international markets, incessantly monitoring the trends in the games and sports goods industry and know the market and the competition exceptionally well.

As a consequence, they are able to set the course for success early on for the later product and its subsequent retail.

Whether it be specific analyses of market needs, our addressing of customers’ wishes or our personal support for each individual client, our actions are always based on our in-depth experience of how the markets have developed since the start of the millennium.

We take you to success.

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We are willing to make your wishes come true the best way we know how.

When it comes to fulfilling our customers’ wishes, we are guided entirely by the needs and objectives of our clients. We creatively and effectively turn your toy ideas into reality.

THE TOY COMPANY's customers are able to choose between our strong and internationally established own-label brands and our service offering to source new products for you - always focusing on what products the customer wants to have procured, and to which target group on which target market the products are to be sold. Our priority in this is to implement our customers’ strategy in a consumer-orientated product and collection that fulfils buyers’ every wish.

THE TOY COMPANY effectively helps its clients to seek out and find specific toys, sports products and innovative, trending articles on the Asian market. We have a network developed over many years, comprising reliable, first-class suppliers, at our disposal. We are also working constantly on optimising our existing suppliers and acquiring new, innovative and progressive partners.

Our company operates several offices in Hong Kong and the rest of the Asia region. This means we are able to maintain close contact with our suppliers and act faster on the regional Asian market than others.

The end-to-end cost-effectiveness of our products is always a priority.

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Tailor-made packaging for every need.

THE TOY COMPANY boasts a wide and comprehensive range of own-label branded products. Through many years of experience and dedication, we have developed them, constantly improved their functionality and quality and made our products even better.

Our packaging highlights the quality and philosophy of our products in a particularly striking way. For the broad portfolio of THE TOY COMPANY’s own-label brands, and on behalf of our clients, we develop product packaging suitable for a wide variety of target groups and markets.

Our customers have an experienced, innovative team of designers at their disposal, who offer professional advice. The team expertly turns design ideas into reality and ultimately coordinates the printing of the custom-designed packaging.

We attach great importance to ensuring that our products deliver an excellent standard of quality and that our THE TOY COMPANY brands also have a high recognition value. We are also specialists in optimising packaging design to country-specific requirements and developing the most suitable packaging concepts for various sales channels.

Our strength is our exacting demand for quality.

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We are local, to ensure that your production runs seamlessly.

THE TOY COMPANY finds the ideal partners - from a quality and cost perspective - for the goods that its clients want to procure. We find the right suppliers or ideal production facilities for you. It is, after all, precisely this selection that determines the success of international sourcing projects. We also negotiate with suppliers to get the best conditions for you, brief them and carry out manufacturer audits.

As part of this customer service, we draw on our company’s extensive network of professional and reliable suppliers on the Asian market. We rely on our local producers for all manufacturing processes. The entire project in the Far East is taken care of and managed by THE TOY COMPANY.

You can rely on our business relationships.

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We take you to exactly where you want to go.

Our logistics division guarantees that your goods will arrive in the correct quantity at exactly the right time at the agreed location. We coordinate all of the project’s stakeholders locally very tightly - from project planning to shipping. This means that THE TOY COMPANY can guarantee problem-free, on-deadline logistics services.

THE TOY COMPANY can organise the entire shipping process to the destination port and take care of all necessary documentation. If possible, we consolidate our customers’ goods before transport, keeping shipping costs as low possible. If our customers request it, we can also arrange the goods’ onward transport via a haulage company. Throughout all our logistics processes, we focus entirely on your interests.

Our logistics are customer-focused and reliable.

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